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Damp Course injection

At JPG we specialise in damp work including wall coating and injecting new damp courses. Also known as dpc injection this needs to be installed when a building has rising damp. Rising damp occurs when there is no damp course or the present one has a expired or is faulty. Water from the ground is sucked up by the walls through cappilary action through the mortar joints and when this dries the resulting salts are forced out and push off paint plaster &  the wet rots skirting board.

How we install YOUR new damp course

1st we remove the internal plaster up to 1.5 meters. We then drill a series of wholes to a depth dependent on the thickness of the walls, these wholes are 6 inches apart and are drilled in to the nearest mortar joint to the internal floor level. We also drill up to 1.5 meters on any adjoining walls. These wholes are then filled with a DPC Cream known as Dryzone a leading name in Damp course injection. The cream reacts with the moister in the walls spreading along and up the joints to create your new damp course.

We then Re-plaster the walls and if required we can also re-decorate to leave you with 15 year guaranteed walls.

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