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Protective Roof & Wall Coating

We specialise in Exterior Waterproof, Maintenance free Protective Roof & Wall Coatings in a variety of colours & even a clear coating for Brick, Stone Properties & for concrete tiles

Our specialist Wall Coating is a high performance coating system for masonary that eliminates the need for continuous maintenance & house painting.

The Wall Coating System provides a high build, oil based, polyester resin coating specially designed to provide water resistants, low maintenance & longlife & is highly durable. Above this it is resistant to acid rain & mould, weather proof & it lets Your property breath.

As well as all this it is approved by the British board of agreement.

All this and we provide a 15 year guarantee and will gurantee to beat any like for like written quote!




1. PREPERATION - 1st we remove all blown render & grind out all cracks. All grease, dirt, loose and flaking paint is removed by pressure washing and all algae and moss is treated with a biocide to sterilise and neutralise.

2. MASKING - The greatest care is taken to ensure all plants, lawns, patios & other areas not being coated are masked and sheeted up including all windows doors & outbuildings.

3. RESTORATION & REPAIRS - During this stage all cracks are filled and removed, render is replaced matching to the existing & rough areas such as pebbledash undergo a technique called bagging which aids in the hiding of scars and repairs. We try our up most to make our repairs invisible.

4. PRIMER COAT - The primer coat is a high performance base coat which penetrates into the substrate providing excellent adhesion and weatherproofing.

5. APPLICATION/SPRAYING - Our protective wall coating Tex-gard classic 21 is applied using specialist high pressure spray equipment. This is to achieve a seamless finish and a coating that is waterproof, breathable & 20 times thicker than ordinary masonry paint making your home look like new.

Our specialist Roof coating is a highly durable system for asbestos, concrete & substrates alike. The coating protects and colours your roof giving the appearance & protection of a brand new roof at a fraction of the cost.

The coating boasts many advantages,

. Acid rain, Pollution and Alkali resistant

. Highly durable

. Weatherproof & Breathable - protecting roof timbers prolonging there life

. Inhibits the growth of Moss, Algea & Lichen

. Insulating properties

All this with a 15 year gurantee!










1. CLEANING DOWN - All tiles are thoroughly cleaned using a high pressure water jetting system to remove all moss, lichen, algae, carbonation & pollutants. All gutters are cleaned inside and out to remove all traces of algae & silt build up. We take the greatest car not to block down pipes or drains.

2.  BIOCIDE WASH - A bio degradable detergent is applied to soak in and kill any underlying moss & lichen spores.
This inhibits any future re-growth years down the line & stops anything spoiling the coating.

3. REPAIR & RESTORATION - All defective mortar on ridge and hip tiles is hacked out
and re-pointed. Any loose or broken tiles are replaced including re-bedding of ridge crests & hip tiles.

4. PRIMER COAT - A primer coat is applied to all areas being treated, this restores
micro-porosity to weathered tiles & stabilises the existing surface and forms the perfect key for the top coat.

5. TOP COAT - Finally the top coat is applied using specialised airless paint equipment in your chosen colour. We will then leave your property in a clean and tidy state. Your roof will look brand new & be protected for years to come with your 15 year guarantee

                So for a free no obligation quote give us a call now!











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